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DVD – TARA OCEANS, The Secret World


Quantity : 4 episodes
Length of each documentary : 52 minutes
Each episode is independent & can be shown separately
Director : Michael Pitiot
Writers : Michael Pitiot, Thierry Ragobert et Frédéric Lossignol

Résumé : Seen from the sky, the earth is blue, the colour of the sea. But what do we actually know about the oceans of our planet? What exactly lives in the oceans? To answer these questions, a team of scientists set sail aboard the schooner Tara. Their voyage is an investigation into a secret realm…the world of plankton, largely unknown, but comprising millions of different species. One thing is certain: we know these marine organisms play a major role in the life of our planet.

Bonus: Portraits of scientists (nearly 1h40), teaser, picture gallery. This series of documentaries was first broadcasted on the show Planète Thalassa in April and May 2011.

The trailer :

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